Untethered Jailbreak using Pangu 1.1

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About new Pangu 1.1 version

So at the moment Pangu 1.1 is the latest and support of Mac. The Pangu team added many features with 1.1 version, in those features biggest change was Pangu main interface supports English language. Before release Pangu Jailbreak tool, SnOwbreak and GeeksnOw are the only tool which is capable for iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2 Jailbreak. And these Jailbreak tools still have some limitations. The GeeksnOw and  SnOwbreak support iPhone 4 models only, and GeeksnOw is supporting Windows and SnOwbreak is alternative for GeeksnOw Mac


New features of Pangu 1.1 version

  • Pangu interface support English language.
  • Fix boot loop issue.
  • Use different exploits instead of iOn1c (cyberelevatOr jailbreak tool developer)
  • Added online self verification.
  • File size reduce to 30 MB from 79MB.



What is Untethered Jailbreak?

In the jailbreak, there are three types of jailbreak methods.

  1. Tethered
  2. Semi-Tethered
  3. Untethered

In those, untethered jailbreak is the advance. In the untethered jailbreak is the advance. In the Untethered Jailbreak, iDevice not requires computer to reboot




When compare Pangu 1.1 tool with GeeksnOw and SnOwbreak tools, The Pangu is the most advantage tool, because Pangu is on untethered and GeeksnOw still on tethered and SnOwbreak on semi-untethered. The most advantage part of Pangu is supporting most of the iDevice.

Compatible iDevices for Pangu 1.1

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini Retina
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPod touch 5

So at the moment iOS 8 beta is the latest iOS version of Apple still Pangu doesn’t support iOS 8 beta and only works with iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 untethered jailbreak. So in this content you can get full idea how to jailbreak your iDevices with Pangu as iOS 7.1.2 Untethered.


Requirements for Pangu 1.1

  • Pangu jailbreak process will take 10 to 15 minutes, so you have to wait until the finish.
  • Make sure enough battery life until a process finish
  • Your Computer should as per; XP for Windows / 10.8 for Mac
  • Disable current passcode until the jailbreak process finish.
  • Your device must run iOS 7.1 / 7.1.1 / 7.1.2 versions (you can check your version from following this path from your iDevices, go to Settings > General > About >= Version).
  • Make sure should install iTunes latest version if you are using a Window system.
  • Backup all data before start Pangu jailbreak.
  • USB cable for connect your iDevice to a Computer.


How to do a Untethered Jailbreak iOS 7.1 – iOS 7.1.2 Using Pangu 1.1


  • Use our Download link to download Pangu latest version.

panGu windows version

panGu mac version

  • Connect your iDevice to computer using USB cable.
  • Run the application same,

01. Windows users should run application, right click on pangu.exe and run as Administrator.

02. Mac users should run application, open pangu.dmg and double click on Pangu icon.

  • To move to Pangu jailbreak process, your iDevice should recognize Pangu, Once it finish click jailbreak button.
  • Now Pangu will inform to you change device date and time, make sure set it as June/02/2014  08.30 p.m and once it set please disable Set Automatically toggle.
  • Once you set the date, Pangu will start jailbreak process automatically.
  • Wait until Pangu ask to unlock device and open Pangu app, now open it and click continue button.
  • Let continue pangu jailbreak process itself, now you will get message unlock your device after reboot.
  • So Pangu jailbreak process still running and stay calm, once it finish you can see Cydia icon is placed your homescreen.


Video Tutorial for Windows users


 Video Tutorial for Mac users


Special Thanks to;

  • @dm557
  • @windkonwn
  • @modikr
  • @tb557
  • @zengbanxian

And all others who contributed to this jailbreak.

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