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With the confirmations of the next Apple’s biggest event on 12th September, we are at the highest excitement on the new iPhone 8 with iOS 11. Although there were so much of stories all around the web, on 12th we are getting all them to one confirmation of Apple’s word. But as the time up then cannot just let go waste, In this roundup I focus on all facts know so far on the new iPhone 8 release, specs, price and until iPhone 8 Jailbreak facts. If you like being a part of the story, keep going until the end.

iPhone 8 jailbreak

The launch of new iPhone 8 is Apple’s way of celebrating the proud 10th year of the iPhone. So there is no wonder why it takes a lot of improvement with it especially from the look to all feel. If you were not happy with iPhone 7 in the same iPhone face shattering all hopes in the previous year, this could be the time to cheer as iPhone 8 expected to bring design changes, new display, slightly changed the size and so much within the functionality. Then here we go for all in brief.

A word about iPhone 8 Release Event

All invitations are now sent for the new event of Apple which planned to be held at the Steve Jobs theatre in Cupertino. So dates are now confirmed on 12th September 2017 to unwrap the year’s new iPhone 8 with all you expected it to take on.

With the note on the invitations, we are clear this is the first event going to happen in the theatre. So definitely, it will carry so much to entertain and marking the integration of two giants and spread away to the public. In fact, the event will host the release of iPhone 8, iOS 11 firmware, iPhone 7S/7S Plus launch, new 4K Apple TV, Apple watch with its own cellular connections and more.

iPhone 8 Features- Key Specs in Brief

iPhone 8 jailbreak

  • 5.8 inches and 71 x 143 x 7.4 mm (as schematics)
  • Edge-to-edge display with technology of OLED
  • Wireless charging system introduces
  • Processing on the Apple A11 chip
  • Introducing Facial recognition and no more Touch ID
  • Vertical dual Rear Camera
  • New 3D Sensor in the FaceTime camera
  • Includes NAND flash memory
  • Available in Gold, Black and Silver colors
  • LTE speeds up to the 450 Mbps
  • Features full glass body
  • RAM of 3 GB
  • Expanded storage as 64 to 256 GB capacities
  • Dust/water resistant up to IP68 improved rate

iPhone 8 Availability and Pricing

On 12th iPhone 8 will be announced to the public domains, but to take in the hand you will have to wait further. Probably it will go on sale around November and December.

Just like iPhone 8 features in different view points, we meet suggestions to its price in different amounts. Although it was around $1,000 at first, not it seems to start from $1,200. So it will be the most expensive iPhone so far with all attention to improvements.

About iOS 11 Download on the new iPhone

Apple starts working on a new iPhone having a plan of a new firmware aside. So as that, we started getting heard of iOS 11 since the times of WWDC 2017 back in June. And what commenced on beta testing there is now in the stage of developer beta 9 confirming its development is almost done. In fact, the recent beta 9 only features several fixes and minor changes in the system rather than anything new. But if we make note of the road far, we found iOS 11 featuring changes to the Control Center, Notifications from the Lock screen, new screenshot features, better customization through settings, modernized App switcher, iMessages and so much more like that. So in the coming big event, you will meet iOS 11 officially for all 64-bit devices to have a big time on the smart device in hand.

Is iPhone 8 Jailbreak Possible?

With iOS 11 new firmware, we hear a number of stories in touch to its jailbreak and Cydia Download possibilities. So if one expects iPhone 8 jailbreak to be released after 12th, it is important having a look at the video below that shows Jailbreak iOS 11 possibilities as to the KeenLab recent researches.

The video here is the second demo by team KeenLab that shows iOS 11 jailbreak is possible. And as expected, they must have used the same technique and software here just like in the previous back in June having three handsets running iOS 10.3.2 and iOS 11 beta and proves jailbreak is possible. In this video demo, iOS 11 beta 2 gets jailbroken on an iPhone 7 while iOS 10.3.2 shown jailbreak possibilities in the background on iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S. So here, we should thank Liang Chen from KeenLab for publishing the video.

From the latest iPhone 8 release to iPhone 8 Jailbreak, this is all that we can say. So if you are happy with my post update here, share for all and make a sincere comment.

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